Start quality control while on the move
for supply chain innovation

It is a new way to grow business.

With its evolutionary technology, Willog disrupts supply chain industry. We connect fragmented supply chain and create new values with conditional foresights and insights as an integrated solution for item-level supply chain visibility.

The simplest yet most complete solution.

Innovations shouldn't be complicated. Anyone should be able to take part in the problem-solving process. Willog provides transparent supply chain visibility with easily accessible and comprehensible data along with seamless monitoring environment.

We will become your reliable partner.

Cold chain innovation should be executed with a reliable partner. Willog sets goals from the customer's perspective and accelerates the innovation of various customers by carrying out the change in management together.

Willog starts from the customer-centric view.

The systematic pre-consulting process analyzes the customer's current system and designs their future.


WIth the pre-consulting process, Willog analyzes the current situation based on the customization needs.

Testing and Improvement

Pre-evaluation is made to ensure that both efficiency and accuracy are achieved.


Implement best practice based on the test result and provide customized and secure monitoring environment.


Support field operational process and respond to additional requirements.

Continual Improvement

Continue to streamline operations so that customers can continue to improve their data management.

Willog is continuously researching.

All the devices are made in-house in Korea and are 100% certified by KOLAS. We have applied for 44 intellectual properties including utility patents.

44 Intellectual properties

- 20 Domestic/International utility patents
- 7 Design patents
- 17 Trademarks

Public certifications and intellectual property certifications

“One reliable partner is enough for cold chain innovation.”

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