Most reliable source of condition data

Willog Sensor Device

Customizable item-level visibility solution

Various device options for
every type of logistics

We offer various options for every type of logistics environment and transportation mode. That way, you can find the perfect solution for your needs. No matter what type of business you have, we can help you obtain transparent condition visibility and reliable data stream.

Seamless flow of materials, information, and financial resources along the supply chain

with product information

By integrating with customers database or management systems, our sensor devices are pre-equipped with product-level information. In this way, you can review and monitor a product's journey without having to do any cumbersome manual work mapping product data with each device.

Cargo monitoring solution to track, check, and regulate product's temperature and humidity

Covers a broad range of
conditional data

Our sensor devices collect a broad range of data, from temperature and humidity to shock and location and help our customers understand the context of cargo's surroundings.

One Time
QR-code (OTQ)

OTQ records condition data such as temperature, humidity and shocks in the form of unmodifiable QR-code. Temperature records can be instantly checked upon the destination by scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera, as there is no need to install additional programs or devices.


Zero-touch devices are a great way to make sure your shipping processes run smoothly and efficiently. The internet connectivity, GPS capabilities of these machines enable auto data uploads that can be remotely managed without human intervention.

Disposable Tag

Attachable sensor tag and the best option for obtaining visibility for the environment where the device cannot be retrieved. It’s easy-to-use design makes it a breeze to attach and remove, so you can use it as needed without any hassle.

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industry-specific applications

We are trusted partner.

All the devices are made in-house in Korea and are 100% certified by KOLAS. International standard certification such as ISO has also been obtained, making it more reliable. The advanced security level makes the device and the system reliable.

Public certifications and intellectual property certifications

Product specification

Temperature range

-20 ~ 85℃

Humidity range

0 ~ 100%

Shock range

0 ~ 16G

Data recording capacity


Battery life


IP function


See how Visibility Console works with our sensor devices to give you perfect Product quality control.

Seamless item-level visibility in one place

Visibility Console

True visibility is to know about the condition of what’s inside the box, not the container or truck itself.

Better visibility to ensure product quality

We provide detailed condition visibility for better quality control in transit by seamlessly integrating our solution with existing enterprise softwares or product database. Our customers can now avoid accountability issues with verifiable audit trail and no longer go through manual product-device mapping work.

Immediate response anywhere anytime

Our visibility console provides visibility into where shipments are at any given moment as well as potential risks associated with them. With user friendly dashboard and customizable alert management feature help our customers minimize any disruption caused by temperature excursion or other unforeseen issues that may arise during transit.

Real-time cargo monitoring dashboard

Workflow management

We also support return management when exceptions occurred and help customers have full control over supply chain on any occasion by automating return and manual process. The item-level data integration allows companies to immediately proceed with the process without cumbersome field operations.

Minimizing human error with digital document management

Without filling out a separate receipt or certificate, electronic shipping certificates are automatically issued based on the temperature history, shipment, and arrival information. Able to store records digitally without the risk of data loss or damage that may occur when storing paper documents.

Data analytics

When it comes to ocean shipping, we are setting the new evolutionary standard in item-level visibility. With our immersive platform and data analytics engine, our customers can monitor the status of the shipments in the container combining sensor data with non-sensor data like position of the goods and size of the containers. Our customers even can simulate the optimal loading position of the shipments with 3D rendering before setting off the trip.

Multiple logistics status data in one place

Various logistics status data which can affect temperature, humidity, shock or logistics in general, can be monitored. With the intuitive design, anyone can access and understand the data.

Device and user management

The device management feature allows users to efficiently manage the operational status and the retrieval of the currently used device. The user management feature makes it easy to add and set permissions for console users, including their console usage history.

Start quality control of your product while on the move with Willog and get started right away!

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