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How can businesses reduce inconvenience and complexity while increasing customer satisfaction?

Field operation is bound to be complex and confusing because of the different operating methods and management standards for each product and shipper. Human errors caused by unnecessary tasks and manual labor, lead to a degradation of the product quality and increased cost.

Looking for ways to simplify and optimize your complex field operations?

Quality and customer satisfaction is increased
with Willog cold chain data monitoring solution.

It increases the efficiency and productivity in cold chain management and improves customer satisfaction with better product quality. Rapid analysis and response to issues become possible with the data-based solution.

Simplified supply chain data verification process

Easy data verification makes the field operation easier

Our sensor devices are easy-to-operate and do not require additional training or equipment for data verification. Effective field operation response is possible without extra time or procedures spent between the driver and the personnel to check the temperature.

Transportation management status

Management by each shipper increases the service satisfaction

It provides management dashboards by shippers. Shippers can monitor the transportation process, allowing them to reduce unnecessary communication and increase service satisfaction through transparent management.

Mobile alerts that notify temperature deviation

Optimize the return and recall process

The product level data integration enables immediate recall and return process without any additional communication with the driver when the temperature deviates. Once the QR code is rescanned after the recall process, temperature records of the returned product can be accessible.

Electronic Product of Delivery(PoD) for Pharmaceutical example

Safe and convenient document management

As soon as the recipient provides a signature upon arrival, Proof of Delivery (PoD) is automatically issued in a digital form based on the temperature records. There is no need to allocate additional time and procedure to creating documents as hassles are reduced in the field and the possibilities of loss and damage are prevented.

Willog OTQ device and temperature-sensitive medical products

The optimal solution to respond to the strengthened regulation and risk management

It prevents various risks in the business by complying with increasingly stringent regulations on pharmaceutical transportation and storage.

Field operation became easier along with perfected management.

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