Ocean Freight

What are some ways to protect freights traveling across the ocean from surrounding environment?

Shipments that travel long hours on board or over long distances are bound to be severely affected by the surrounding environment. If the shipments are not managed properly during transportation, it can lead to severe consequences like quality issues and cost increase. Improper loading of containers could lead to deformation or damage of the product.

Looking for ways to protect the product from external conditions during long-distance shipment?

New evolutionary standard in item-level visibility.

Our solution provides insights about the changing status of the goods inside the container combining sensor data with non-sensor data like the position of the shipments and the container - whether it is on the dock or under the shipping dock.

OTQ devices track shock data during transportation process

Secure reliable data through seamless monitoring

Willog rigorously monitors temperature, humidity, shock, and the external environment during the transportation of the container. Our innovative sensor device secures reliable data without any concerns about data loss, manipulation, or hacking.

The monitoring screen where you can check the loading ratio by color and the device information of different locations.

Minimize external impacts through prediction in advance

The temperature of the cargo is measured by calculating the temperature, humidity, and shock of the container, as well as the thermal conductivity according to the characteristics of each product, and based on such data, optimum loading position and loading rate are derived. Minimize risks of deformation and damage with the prediction features.

Sea freight

Visibility in the supply chain

With data and systems interworking across long distances, such as in shipping containers, supply chain visibility based on the product's condition can be obtained.

Simplified supply chain data verification process

Effective management in field operation

The solution does not require additional training or equipment. This reduces unnecessary procedures and management processes for drivers and field managers.

Korean leading manufacturer

Willog is renewing the container monitoring system in an innovative way, which has never been done before.

Start quality control of your product while on the move with Willog and get started right away!

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