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Are you taking risks from blind spots and food that requires temperature management?

A significant amount of food disposal and return come from inadequate temperature management and inconspicuous issues during the storage and transportation process. Data loss and the lack of detailed history management also create difficulties in identifying the main cause. The unseen risks increase additional time and cost, which could lead to threatening the business as a whole.

Looking for ways to avoid risks with a transparent management system?

Avoid accountability issues with item-level condition visibility.

By integrating with customers database or management systems, we provide item-level visibility in transit. Our customers can now avoid accountability issues with verifiable item-level audit trail and minimize risks.

Cold chain visibility illustration

Seamless visibility

We provide reliable data stream regardless of communication environment or location and secures quality condition data without any concerns about data loss, manipulation, or hacking.

OTQ devices are attached to packages, pallets, vehicles, and containers

Various use cases and customization

We offers Item-level visibility across various modes of transportation. OTQ and real-time solution can be applied in various shipping units such as trucks, containers, pallets, and packages and different modes: FTL/LTL, private fleet road, ocean and last mile. Disposable tag, a one-time monitoring device, could be used on international shipping and last mile deliveries where the device cannot be retrieved and for spot carrier management.

Simplified supply chain data verification process

Easy data verification makes the field operation easier

Our sensor devices are easy-to-operate and do not require additional training or equipment for data verification. Effective field operation response is possible without extra time or procedures spent between the driver and the personnel to check the temperature.

Temperature and humidity data monitoring screen

Risk management and response

With the location-based temperature and humidity records, companies can identify the main cause of the issue and respond efficiently. Repetitive issues can be prevented in advance, minimizing direct and indirect costs and unnecessary resources, while handling claims flexibly.

“With the risks reduced, we now see the next step in our business.”

Willog is the one and only solution for item-level condition visibility.
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